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We are a group of young people who are passionate to make it easier for Filipinos to have access to commodities through online shopping without compromising product quality.

So we started BigasPh.

BigasPh is the only online bigas delivery service in the Philippines known for delivering the highest quality of rice and excellent customer service.

Our team have designed a very easy  mobile app which can be downloaded on any phone to simplify the online bigas ordering process for Filipinos around the world.

It is our goal to ultimately be able to provide top commodities online and with local sources to help support local farmers and small businesses.

Proud Pinoy po kami, from very humble origins.



We honor our commitments. We will deliver on our promise. We will never compromise ethics and we will be known to our customers, partners and farmers to have the highest standards of integrity both in our products and service.
Business is about relationships. We value open communication. We highly encourage feedback, comments and suggestions.  We look at it as our opportunities for learning and  building loyalty.
BigasPh is continually improving our products and services. We know that we  must change progressively by listening to our customers and learning from our experiences. We always strive to improve and be the best online provider.
Charity is an integral part of the business. We believe that an act of kindness like giving back to community is our measure of success.  
Customer is our priority. BigasPh is continuously working hard to provide the best quality rice available while ensuring the best online buying experience. We strive to be the best bigas provider so we encourage feedback, comments and suggestions.
BigasPh is committed to work with our partners with trust, respect and highest level of integrity. We are committed to ensuring our partners success by working as a team and achieving the same goals. 
Bigasph is committed to support Filipino rice farmers by distributing locally harvested bigas for Filipinos to enjoy. This will ensure that our farmers will thrive and not be left behind.
Bigasph values all your work. We are committed to providing you with endless challenges and the trust to find solutions. We are also committed to provide a learning culture and an open environment.
Bigasph is grateful for all the investors for entrusting that we will achieve our vision.