More water or less water?

This is the question that comes to mind before cooking the newly opened sack of rice. We still have to figure out how to perfectly cook our first saing. This is what We learned: if the rice is planted in the summer, the grains are drier, it need more water to get it softer. If the rice is planted during the rainy season, the grains have retained more water, so it need less water to cook. This is true, even if we are cooking the same variety of rice, but if planted on different seasons, would require different amount of water. Freshly harvested rice are not maalsa, since they are not 'hardened' by time yet. Laon or old rice is maalsa, they have a larger capacity to absorb water, the grains are 'thirsty' for the water. So dont worry about the first saing if it wasn't perfect, the next time around you can adjust your water according to your preference and what season the rice was harvested.