How do BigasPh help local farmers?

How do we help local farmers?

This is a question we are being asked everyday and one that warrants a response since a lot of our customers are curious.

First, We choose to sell LOCAL Bigas , NOT Imported rice . We do this because RICE in the Philippines is one of the best crops in the world, and it is right here in our land.

We do this because personally, we like them better, they have better flavor and aroma.

Imported rice is very white and very clean and all the grains are almost whole, sterile almost, but pales in flavor in comparison to our local rice. They have been processed too much, and stocked for a long time, and sometimes they are tasteless. You would know if you are a rice eater.

By consuming locally grown rice, we are helping the local farmers thrive because we buy them at a fair price, we don't negotiate to lower their selling price to us so they could get the profits they so well deserved!

We also are working with rice cooperatives to donate part of our sales back to the coops, again to help the farmers.

We want to raise awareness that if you buy and consume local, you are helping our farmers.