Frequently Asked Questions

Please read on our Most Asked Questions, and let us know if you still have some:

1. How to order? 

          Ordering po is very easy, there are several ways you can order:

    • Order from our website at From the HomePage> Rice Varieties --> Click your bigas --> Qty --> Add to Cart --> Checkout --> Contininue to Shipping Method --> Enter Discount Code if Any --> Complete Order.
    • Download the free app BigasPh. From the HomePage> Rice Varieties --> Click your bigas --> Qty --> Add to Cart --> Checkout --> Contininue to Shipping Method --> Enter Discount Code if Any --> Complete Order.
    • Chat thru FB Messenger, search for BigasPh or BPh on Facebook and chat anytime, we are open 24/7

      2. How many days is the delivery? Where do you deliver?

      • Delivery is within 2-4 days and is currently available in  NCR and some areas in Rizal, Cavite, Bulacan and Laguna. 
      • Delivery may take 7-10 days for addresses outside of Metro Manila.
      3. Pwede po ba Cash on Delivery (COD)? Ano po mode of payment?
      • Yes WE CAN DO COD on any orders!
      • We also accept Credit Card and Paypal payment but can only be done thru online or app ordering. Due to the sensitive information you have to provide the system we cannot take your order thru chat if you are paying with Credit Card or Paypal, you have to do it online or thru the app.

      4. May minimum order po ba to avail the Free Delivery?

        • For brown and white rice, the minimum order is 1 sack of  25kg package.
        • For colored rice like black, red, purple or native blend, the minimum order is 5kg package.
        • ALL deliveries  are FREE of charge.

        5. Where is your store located?

          • We are modern online store, we do not have a physical store. However, we can deliver anywhere in NCR and some areas of Rizal, Cavite, Bulacan and Laguna. Also, you can easily contact us directly from our website and social media accounts with real customer service staff 24/7.
          6. Saan po nanggagaling ang bigas ng BigasPh?
            • All our bigas po is 100% local! Currently the rice we sell are all planted, grown and harvested in the Philippine soil. We have partnered with farmers and millers in Ifugao Province, Tarlac, Bulacan, Pampanga, Nueva Ecija, and even Iloilo and  Visayas. Since we are constantly looking for better and varied sources, these may constantly change, but we guarantee that our products are 100% local.
            • Our rice comes from different farmers and millers, so the sack and packaging may be different, but rest assured that we are giving you the best quality of rice that you ordered.
            7. How is your rice different from what is in the supermarket or palengke?

              We cannot speak for the rice in the supermarket or palengke, however we can guarantee the following:

              • BigasPh rice is pure in variety, we do not adulterate, or mix other cheaper varieties of rice to the good ones  just to make the price cheaper.
              • The sack we deliver has consistent grain quality from top to bottom. In some of our customer’s experience, when they buy from the supermarket or unknown origin, the top part may be good, but the bottom part of the sack has poor quality, again adulterated. We are committed in giving you only the best quality of the variety that you ordered, top to bottom.
              • BigasPh rice is always freshly milled. We do not stock rice.  All your orders are milled-to-order, so we can guarantee its freshness. On the supermarket or palengke, you have no idea when the rice was milled or if it has been stocked for a long time, or travelled a long way from its country of origin to here in RP.
              • BigasPh deliver your rice for free! We have friendly and reliable in-house delivery team.  You don’t have to carry the heavy weight, and you’ll have the convenience of us bringing the rice to you thru your phone or computer.
              • BigasPh ordering is very easy.  You can order thru the website, the app and thru FB Chat.  You have an excellent 24/7 Chat Support Team, who are ready to answer all your questions, get your order and re-order, and assist you to make your online bigas  experience fun and easy.
              • BigasPh offers 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the rice, we will exchange the rice or refund you the full amount.
              • BigasPh supports local farmers by making their produce  easily available in the market for everybody to enjoy.

               8. Organic po ba ang bigas nyo?

              • We have some rice that are organic and some that are non organic. We will indicate in the rice description whether they are organic or not. However, we  are partnering with farmers who use organic fertilizers and implement responsible farming and pest management methods.
              9. Mabango po ba, malinis at malambot ang bigas nyo?
                • Mabango po at amoy bagong bayo ang  lahat ng bigas ng BIgasPh, dahil freshly milled po ito.
                • Malinis, puro at walang halong ibang di magandang bigas.
                • Karamihan po ng ating bigas ay malambot. May mga klase naman po ng bigas na sadyang matigas o buhaghag. Nasa description po ng bigas kung gusto nyo ay malambot o buhaghag or nasa dami rin ng tubig sa pagsasaing.
                • Ang white rice ay isinasaing ng 1:1, at ang mga colored rice naman ay 1:2 or 1:3, depende sa lambot na gusto nyo.
                • Ang colored rice po ay hindi kasing lambot ng white dahil sa pagiging whole grains ng colored rice, kaya mas matagal din ang saing.
                10. How do you help Filipino Farmers
                  • We have partnered with some Filipino farmers to sell their rice online, and compete in the local market.  Our market is flooded with cheaper imported rice, and it is becoming harder for our farmers to sustain their livelihood usually  short-selling their produce to the buyers just to break-even or make little profit from their harvest.
                  • We only sell local products. We want to let the Filipinos know that our rice is world-class, and if you were to try them that you would love them, and paying for it will all be worth it, than buying cheaper, low quality rice that are adulterated. 
                  • We are donating part of the sales amount to the rice cooperatives.